Logan Paul Alleges Floyd Mayweather Failed To Pay Him For Fight

There might’ve not been an official winner in the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather bout earlier this year, but Paul claims he’s the financial loser.

Paul and Mayweather went the full eight rounds, with both having their moments in the ring. The bout wasn’t officially sanctioned due to the large size disparity between Paul and Mayweather, so the result was left in the hands of the viewers without an official judging decision.

Paul and Mayweather had quite the heated buildup to their exhibition, with the two sides nearly brawling at a pre-fight media day in Miami. But they appeared to squash their beef after the fight, with Mayweather going as far as to say he was impressed by Paul’s skills.

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The mutual respect has appeared to run thin in recent days, as Paul accused Mayweather of failing to pay him his share for the event. He ripped the boxing legend in a recent Instagram Story post.

“Pay me my money you f***ing cornball of a human,” Paul said. (h/t The Mirror)

The Paul vs. Mayweather exhibition was a massive pay-per-view success, with the event topping at least 1 million buys on Showtime. After the fight, Mayweather seemed content on retirement and not making the Paul exhibition into a new chapter of his legendary career. He later claimed after the fight that he earned $100 million for the event.

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Logan and his brother Jake took the boxing world by storm in 2021. Jake earned knockout wins over former UFC standouts Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, while Logan managed to go the distance against arguably the best boxer of all time.

It’s unclear if Paul’s allegations hold any merit, but it appears that the tension between Mayweather and the Paul brothers doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on Logan Paul’s accusations?

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