‘Guys Like Me Wouldn’t Survive’ – Anthony Smith Lauds UFC’s Drug-Testing Program Ahead Of UFC 303

Anthony Smith returns this weekend at UFC 303 for his second outing of the year in what will staggeringly be his 58th professional fight.

Having made his pro debut all the way back in 2008, “Lionheart” has had a front row seat to the growth of the sport over the past 16 years.

One of the biggest advancements in MMA in this time has been the attitude towards the use of performance enhancing drugs and clamping down on it.

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Right before he sat down for his media day interviews ahead of his clash with Roman Dolidze this Saturday, Smith received his jacket from the UFC’s anti-doping department for submitting 50 clean tests. 

Anthony Smith Says He Wouldn’t Be Able To Compete Without The UFC’s Anti-Doping Programs

As someone that has spoken out plenty of times in the past about how damaging the use of PEDs is for this sport, Smith was incredibly proud to have been presented with this jacket as a sign of keeping MMA clean.

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When he sat down to talk to the media, the first question he received was about the moment that had just transpired.

Smith spoke about how he has never been the kind of fighter that possesses natural physical advantages over his opponents.

With that in mind, he believes that keeping the playing field even through the UFC’s anti-doping programs allows fighters like himself to compete at the highest level by making the most of their other attributes.

“This means a lot to me. You guys know I’ve always been the anti-PED guy and really holding people accountable and holding their feet to the fire. Guys like me wouldn’t survive without this program. I’m not the most gifted athlete, I never have been the most gifted athlete and I’ve just always been committed. It’s not like there wasn’t opportunities early on in my career, just like a lot of people in my era. 

“That could have all been very different but without Jeff [Novitsky] and Donna [Marcolini] keeping it clean, guys like me aren’t going to make it. We’re already a little bit behind and we make up for it by being dogs and having a better work ethic and being able to go through the fire a little more than other people but if people are getting a head start on us, the guys like me aren’t going to make it.”    

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