Francis Ngannou’s Teammate & PFL Star Sadibou Sy Honest About Him Taking Anthony Joshua Fight

Francis Ngannou cut ties with the UFC in Jan. 2023 and went on to box Tyson Fury in October later that year. Contrary to popular belief, he survived the ten rounds and knocked down Fury in the third.

After a remarkable boxing debut, Ngannou fought former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. This time around, the MMA star suffered a crushing KO loss.

“The Predator” is yet to return to boxing or fight for the PFL. The definitive loss to Joshua has compelled many to question Ngannou’s career choices, but here’s what his teammate Sadibou Sy thinks of it.

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Sadibou Sy Praises Francis Ngannou For Trying To Achieve Greatness By Fighting Anthony Joshua

In an interview posted on the InsideFighting YouTube channel, Sy gave his two cents on Ngannou’s boxing career. He outright claimed that despite the loss, his teammate did the unthinkable and a loss doesn’t take away any of his greatbess.

“So, for me, I would say this. Like, after the fact, when you have the results, saying, like, yeah he shouldn’t have done this, he shouldn’t have done that. Like, he did something unbelievable and something that’s never been done before. For me, just because he didn’t win against Anthony Joshua, doesn’t take that away.”

Sy also pointed out that Ngannou earned the Joshua fight due to his impressive performance against Fury. He beat the reigning WBC heavyweight champion in the eyes of many and wasn’t a huge underdog going into his second boxing fight.

“He, as a guy, coming in to martial arts and fighting in general, just being here for a couple of years, becoming a UFC champion. Fighting arguably, arguably the best heavyweight out there. In some guys’ opinion, winning that fight. That giving him the opportunity to now face Anthony Joshua. What is he supposed to do? No, I don’t want the big paycheck. No, I don’t want to, like, test myself.”

Sy respects Ngannou for getting a huge paycheck and testing his mettle against the best fighters in another sport. He doesn’t think the Joshua fight was a mistake by any means and is proud of his teammate’s achievements.

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After making a fortune in boxing, Ngannou is expected to face Renan Ferreira in the PFL next.

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