Chael Sonnen: Alex Pereira Might Be The ‘Greatest Athlete’ Of All Time, Not Just Fighter

What Alex Pereira has been able to accomplish during a short time in MMA has been nothing short of execeptional.

The Brazilian certainly arrived in the Octagon with some hype behind him because of a stellar career in kickboxing, where he was famed for his one-punch knockout power.

He already made history in the sport of kickboxing by becoming the first man in the history of Glory to hold titles at two weight classes simultaneously.

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Fast forward several years and he hasn’t just succeeded in transitioning to MMA, he’s become one of the best in the world. As a result, he is one of the biggest names in the MMA.

And according to this ex-fighter, one of the best across any sport…

Chael Sonnen Says Alex Pereira’s Greatness Transcends Combat Sports

In a recent appearance on The Zach Gelb Show, Chael Sonnen spoke about Pereira’s unprecedented rise in MMA and how it may transcend combat sports.

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He made the case that, for a start, nothing like this has ever been done in fighting, where someone is able to reach the very top in effectively two different sports.

Sonnen also chose to look at the bigger picture by bringing the entirety of sport into question. Once again, Sonnen insisted that no one has ever been this successful in two different fields during their career.

Pereira’s kickboxing skills are obviously a vital part of what he does in MMA, but even Dana White recently admitted that he once had reservations about how well “Poatan” would do inside the Octagon, where opponents can grapple with him.

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Sonnen believes that Pereira’s career deserves to be looked at in sport as a whole, making some bold claims about just how great he truly is.

“I can guarantee it never happened in combat sport. I’m telling you, in sport! I’m old enough to remember when Bo Jackson was playing football and went and played baseball, but he wasn’t 36 when he started and he didn’t become the best in the world.

“I have never seen a rise like this. Basketball, baseball; anyway you want to do it. This might be the greatest athlete of all time. I mean that’s silly, it might be true.”

Pereira could be in for his toughest test to date later this year should expected plans come to fruition.

Off the back of another knockout at UFC 303 this past weekend to successfully defend his light heavyweight title for the second time, “Poatan” could face a stiff grappling challenge in the form of Magomed Ankalaev.

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