Joe Rogan Discusses Jon Jones PED Accusations: ‘He Doesn’t Look Like Someone Who Does Steroids…But Neither Did Lance Armstrong’

Most MMA fans will find it hard to argue against the fact that Jon Jones is the greatest fighter to ever compete in the sport.

From being the youngest UFC champion in history to defending the belt 11 times consecutively and then going up to heavyweight and becoming champion in that division also, “Bones” has done it all.

The one issue that comes with arguing his case is whether or not you have to add a footnote to some of his wins because of several failed drug tests throughout his career.

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There is some form of explanation for some of these, but not everyone is willing to accept these reasonings because of how often they’ve become talking points.

Joe Rogan References Lance Armstrong When Debating Whether Or Not Jon Jones Was Guilty Of Cheating

During a recent podcast episode, a former opponent of Jones’, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson appeared on the JRE MMA Show alongside UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Jackson, like many fans, assumed that some of Jones’ career was up for debate because of the positive tests that he hadn’t looked into in lots of detail.

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Rogan then explained what the issue is with some of these findings and why some still believe that the current heavyweight champion is in the clear.

“He did but the problem that he got popped with, there were so miniscule levels that it didn’t make sense.”

Jackson responded, stating that given the fact that the conversation began by talking about Alistair Overeem, his former opponent never appeared to give off signs of performance enhancing drugs from his appearance alone.

“He don’t look like somebody that does steroids.”

Rogan made the point of how some of the most famous examples of athletes using steroids or other drugs to cheat didn’t necessarily give it away just by looking at them, referencing Lance Armstrong who was stripped of his record-setting seven consecutive Tour de France victories.

“No he doesn’t… but neither did Lance Armstrong… he was doing testosterone, he was definitely doing that too. Those guys were doing a lot of s***.”

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