Marc Goddard Claims MMA Judging Is Better Than It’s Ever Been: ‘Despite What People Think…’

Marc Goddard recently said that MMA judging is at its peak, emphasizing that officials consistently deliver genuine decisions regardless of popular opinion.

MMA judging has long been a contentious issue within the sport. Critics argue that some cageside scorers fail to adhere to established criteria, lack sufficient experience in the sport, and occasionally render questionable decisions.

Claims of a misaligned scoring system and lack of quality control in judge training and selection contribute to the ongoing controversy, making it a recurring issue at many events.

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Goddard is a highly respected and seasoned MMA referee with over two decades of experience, having officiated numerous high-profile bouts in the UFC and other leading promotions.

With his extensive background, it’s reasonable to assume that Goddard has a profound grasp of the operations and the mindset required to accurately score a fight.

And the Brit maintains that MMA judging has reached new heights of sophistication…

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Goddard Asserts ‘Misconceptions’ Have Tainted MMA Officiating

During a recent interview on the Overdogs Podcast, Goddard was asked to share his thoughts on some of the significant errors and contentious calls by MMA judges in recent times.

The UK-based MMA referee responded by highlighting his extensive experience in judging numerous fights and his role in educating newcomers about the intricacies of judging.

“Of course, I am a judge; I do judge. I teach judges. I teach referees and judges.”

Goddard added that although judging has markedly improved recently, controversial decisions are an unavoidable aspect of the sport. However, he pointed out that the most significant challenges in MMA judging arise from widespread misunderstandings and fan biases, which muddle the perception of fairness in officiating.

“Despite what people think, judging now and MMA officiating now is better than it’s ever been. Yes, you’re going to get contentious decisions, and yes, you’re gonna get — but one of the biggest problems we have with MMA judging is misconception. People hear things in certain ways, and they just dive into a rabbit hole with them. They take no time to understand. … And that’s what frustates me and my colleagues.”

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In addition to his role as an MMA referee, Goddard is a former practitioner and submission grappler who competed in 14 heavyweight matches during his five-year fighting career.

He concluded his competitive journey with a record of 7-6-1 before retiring from active competition in 2008. Furthermore, he holds a second-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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