Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Fallon Fox

Fallon Fox Doubles Down On Past Remarks After Renewed Backlash

Fallon Fox has responded after a BBC radio host admitted to being unaware of previous controversial comments made by the transgender MMA fighter before...

Retired Trans MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Boasts Punching TERFS On Twitter

Former MMA fighter Fallon Fox bragged on social media about "holding the record" for punching TERFS. For clarification, TERF is the acronym for trans-exclusionary radical...

Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Rejects Suspicious Documentary Offer

Retired trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox turns down an offer to be part of a documentary called the "Gender Unity Project". Fox is the...

Fallon Fox Shares ‘Proof’ Transgender Athletes Don’t Have An Advantage

Fallon Fox has presented data in an attempt to debunk the claim that transgender female athletes have a physical advantage over cisgender female athletes....

VIDEO: Fallon Fox Demands Apology From Joe Rogan For “Blatant Misogyny & Transphobia”

Fallon Fox rips into UFC commentator Joe Rogan, demands an apology.

Transgender Fighter Fallon Fox Chats With UFC Co-Founder About Marketability

Fallon Fox still hopes to compete inside the Octagon one day.

Cyborg Calls Out Transgender Fighter Fallon Fox For “Talking Sh*t,” Fox Responds

Cyborg and Fallon Fox exchange verbal jabs via social media.

Fallon Fox Responds To Ronda Rousey Not Wanting To Fight Her

Fallon Fox responds to Ronda Rousey saying she wouldn't fight her