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War Machine Using Christy Mack’s Porn Career As Sexual Assault Defense, Blows Kiss At Prosecutor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8EwQCUmsUY Former UFC and Bellator fighter War Machine (born Jon Koppenhaver) was back in court yesterday for a hearing on the sexual assault charges brought...

War Machine Causes Scene In Court When Motion To Dismiss Charges Are Denied

Former MMA fighter Jon Koppenhaver causes a scene in a Las Vegas courtroom.

Christy Mack Opens Up About Savage Beating She Suffered From War Machine

The adult film star opens up to ESPN about her tragic relationship with the former MMA fighter.

War Machine Pleads Not Guilty To Charges Stemming From Alleged Christy Mack Attack

The former Jon Koppenhaver pleads not guilty in a Nevada court on Thursday.

VIDEO: War Machine Laughs As Christy Mack Cries In Court

Also, audio of the 9-1-1 call made the day of the alleged domestic abuse incident.

War Machine On Domestic Abuse Victims: “She Deserved It, He Deserved It”

War Machine posts journal entry from jail, claiming to have changed his ways.

War Machine’s Suicide Note Leaks Online, Read Full Text Inside

Read War Machine's suicide letter.

War Machine Writes Letter In Jail Explaining His Side Of The Story (Full Transcript)

Read the full letter written in jail by the former MMA star.

Michael Koppenhaver Posts Another Blog Touching On War Machine’s Suicide Attempt

War Machine's brother is back with another deep, online blog.

Poem, Quote Posted On War Machine’s Twitter Account Day Before Suicide Attempt

Someone posting poems and famous quotes on the official Twitter account of the former UFC and Bellator fighter.

War Machine’s Brother Blogs About His Attempted Suicide In Jail

Michael Koppenhaver posts a blog telling details of all that's happened recently.

Breaking News: War Machine Attempts To Commit Suicide In Jail

The former UFC and Bellator fighter found hanging from his bed by officers.

Alleged War Machine Victim Christy Mack Posts Before-And-After Photos, Releases Another Statement

War Machine's alleged domestic abuse victim posts yet another update.

Christy Mack Releases New Statement, Time Lapse Photos Of Her Recovery

The victim of the alleged War Machine attack resurfaces online to update fans on her condition and recovery.

VIDEO: Footage Of War Machine In Court Earlier This Week

Check out video footage of Jon Koppenhaver in a Las Vegas courtroom on Wednesday.