Irish MMA Fighter Jailed After Putting Ex-Partner In & Threatening To Kill Her With Rear-Naked Choke Following Loss

An amateur MMA fighter from Northern Ireland will be facing severe consequences after trying to take out frustrations from a loss on his ex partner.

Carter Coulter pleaded guilty on July 3 at Craigavon Crown Court to charges of criminal damage, threats to kill, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Coulter was given a two-year sentence in which he will serve one year in prison and another year on license. The fighter also received a non-molestation order until July 3, 2027.

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Coulter, competing in his second amateur MMA fight on October 30, 2022, was submitted by Nicky Gordon via D’Arce choke in the first round.

Hours later, Coulter attacked Dolores Gallagher in her own home, locking in a rear-naked choke and threatening to kill her with it. Gallagher was ultimately able to escape and get assistance from neighbors, according to Belfast Live.

Ex Of Irish MMA Fighter Hopes Sentencing Encourages Others To Leave Abusive Situations

Gallagher told the news outlet that people came back to their property afterward for drinks following Coulter’s fight. When everyone left, that’s when Coulter struck.

“He suddenly turned on me and attacked me, knocking me unconscious and dragging me into another room,” Gallagher said. “When I came round, he was standing there screaming at me, and I was terrified that something more serious was going to happen. He then went downstairs and started to sleep on the sofa, so I decided that I would try to sneak out of the house to safety. But as I was doing that, he woke up and then dragged me up the stairs into the bedroom where I begged for him to leave me alone and to not hurt me.

“He then attacked me again, hitting me over and over across my head, ribs and back before putting me into a rear-naked choke. As he was choking me, I started to see dots all over my vision and was certain that this was going to be the moment that I died, as he was whispering in my ear that he was going to kill me.”

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Gallagher, who also trains MMA, was able to escape the chokehold and run to a neighbor, who notified police.

The victim added that she still suffers from the injuries to this day and expressed to Belfast Live frustration on what she feels was a light sentencing for her ex and attacker.

“When I was finally free from him, I have had this court case hanging over my head for nearly two years which has caused me further anguish,” Gallagher said. “I am glad that he has received a prison sentence for the attack, but I am disappointed that it was not a stronger sentence. He will lose a year of his life but I feel like I have lost five years of mine. I just hope that by speaking out and highlighting what type of a person he really is, I can make others aware of him and encourage others in a similar situation to find the strength to leave their abusers and get help.”

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